Growing up as a kid, I always enjoyed going to thrift stores. In the Philippines we call it "ukay-ukay". I like the excitement. It's like treasure hunting, you don't know that to expect.

Veejay Floresca is a brand that highly supports sustainability and uniqueness. I believe that as a designer it is my responsibility to create pieces that are unique, beautifully made, and most of all, sustainable.

I started upcycling vintage clothes, blankets, curtains, and turned them into something wearable and cool. I post videos online too. I feel empowered wearing them especially when people come to me and appreciate what I'm wearing. That's the moment when I decided to share this to my community by creating 1 of 1 clothing.

I like the idea of transformation. Giving old things a new life.

We have the power to make a difference and look fashionable!

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